The designs

Finding a piece of jewelry is a very personal experience. An item that reflects your thoughts, expressions or feelings makes this journey worthwhile, whether it is for yourself or intended for a loved one. But finding a unique and personal gift did not start with your ‘quest’…

…the journey begins at the designers’ table: the origin of designs.

And that is what I will give you… the complete journey, not just the end of it!

Unique – Each piece of jewelry is hand made and absolutely one-of-a kind! Due to the design and manufacturing process (cire perdue), I can guarantee that there will not be a second one!
The journeyUse your personal access code to unlock your page in the owners’ section and get an insight on the journey of your piece of jewelry: from the origin to the giftbox.
Interaction – The owner is free to join in and make the experience interactive by uploading photos in which the jewelry is being worn!
IncludedEach piece comes with an identification number, tailor-made giftbox and a personal access code.

All pieces of jewelry are made in either sterling silver (925) or 14kt gold (585) with the occasional use of palladium white gold.

Erwin Bergs

The deeply rooted ‘need to create’ has always been present. Together with the love for design this resulted in the design and creation of ‘one-off’ jewelry pieces.

As an Industrial Design Engineer (graduate from the Delft University of Technology, 2001), the focus has mostly been on product development for mass-production. Even though most of the design process might be similar, the creativity in designing one-off items is not limited by the design or production requirements for mass-production. And that freedom enables the creation of unique, hand-made pieces.

The inspiration is greatly found in the organic flow of nature and the characteristics of the material itself.

jewelry designer Erwin Bergs

As every artist needs an audience, hopefully you will become part of mine and visit regularly to check out the new designs…